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jueves, 20 de junio de 2013


Nice traditional feel to the start of the song - very open in style and very folk. The acoustic feel to the song had a really nice feel to it. The mix of percussion and instruments worked really well. I thought the lead singer was extremely powerful - sounded a little like Eddie Vedder. I was not sure if he was singing in English at one point but it did work. The harmonizing on the vocals worked well to. Even though this might of been a foreign song I enjoyed it's melody. The layout of the instruments and the overall sound of the song was very alternative and very enjoyable. Different and well worth listening to


Really slow start to the song , i really enjoyed the receptivity of the track , i could not fully understand the lyrics due to the fact that it was in a different language from what i speak but i really enjoyed this track and i hope to hear more from you in the near future.
this would probably be a good song if it was sung in English. I dint understand any of the lyrics though so therefore I feel I cant rate this correctly. the background music was very good though.
Intro is strong. The vocals are very powerful and impressive. Although the lyrics are in a different language they are not too repetitive and the vocalist seems to be passionate about them. Instrumental accompaniments are engaging and rhythmic. Overall the artists seems very creative and competent.
I like the beginning of the song because it's sound familiar to another current popular song. I really like the guitars in the track because they seem to be holding the song together. The vocals sound okay, but because the lyrics are sung in a foreign language, it's hard to know if I like it. I really love the showcase of vocals in the song. I think the whole song sounds powerful and I love the way it's been executed.
I have no idea what this dude is saying. Obviously that's because he is speaking Spanish or something. But since I can't understand him, I can't fairly judge the lyrics or anything, but I assume they're bad. I like the instrumentals, though. Its kind of soothing, to be honest. Other than that, I can't really comment on anything else. I have no idea when the chorus starts. The volume of it is good, the beat is good. I'm not sure what else to say. I can't be a fair judge of this song if I can't understand what the singer is saying. The backup singer dude is kind of cool to listen to. Not sure what other elements to touch on since its a foreign band.
Not too sure if the singing is actually in English. I cannot understand what the voice is saying. It sings for a bit but then has all this "aaaaa yeee aaaaa" which I found quite pointless. Not sure what the purpose of this song is! I think the background music isnt too good either
The acoustic guitar sounds really good, and goes well with the song. The backing vocals work with the overall mood of the song. It has a slow tempo but that is fine for this type of music. The only issue is that it isn't in english, but i guess this is your native language.
The melody of this song is very soft and pretty. Had me sitting in my seat swaying back and forth. However the vocals through me off, for they are a bit raspy and out of key. Maybe its because I could not understand the language. Even though this song does nothing for me as far as the vocals I did love the instrumentals. I could have listened to them without the artist speaking a word. I only wish I could have understood what this song was talking about.
The guitar sound was interesting to listen to, but I couldn't understand the vocalist at all. I don't know what language he is singing in it's so exaggerated I can't tell. It may be a latin american language? The beat is swelling nicely and keeping me interested, but I can't connect with the lyrics so I can't comment on the topic of the song.
i couldn't this track going any where . the instrumental does not very well fit the lyrics and the over all message the artist is trying to portray in this song . it could be a hit one day if the artist made the instrumental into a dubstep beat in the background
This song has a nice melody and then a male vocalist sings the lyrics in a different language.. there are natives chanting..it is a pretty tune! The beat is different..and the music sounds like folk music..
A lush rhythm comes from what sounds like a folk guitar, electrified, and then comes a vocal, powerful, thick, textured and the lyrics do not matter, because the voice is such a strong instrument here with his harmony with another voice that it could just as well have been an instrumental with this voice, and its meaning was beyond mere words. The arrangement wisely takes advantage of the fact that the singer is all one needs, and the production values are high, though hard to tell for sure as they wisely knew to stand out of the way and let this genius voice make music. Measure for measure, it is haunting, wistful, optimistic, reminiscent, and primal. I will buy this piece of music.
the foreign song has A remarkable melody it is humming and also you feel the waves of the emotion through your vain untill it enter to my heart. i dont understand any of the lyrics but onething is clear !, this song have own language because they connect to every listener.
The instrumental on this song sounds out and sounds professional. The main vocal is clear and sings with conviction. I like the backing vocal as it harmonizes nicely. In improvement I would probably reign it in a bit and sing a bit softer. over wise Its a perfectly good song.
A very good song. A mixture of high and low notes and you let your feelings be free in this track. A mixture between folk, country and classical in this exciting track. It has a slow beat throughout the song which makes the song better. The artist seems very talented and i wish he achieves his dream in the future.

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